Communication Strategies

Make your company visible.

We plan communication strategies for small and middle-size businesses and choose the best communication methods for all purposes. Communication planning is a straightforward process that is easy to implement. We build strategies with our own model that addresses sustainability from the beginning. We educate your personnel and management boards on sustainability issues, social media use, crisis communication and customer communication.

Our way of working guarantees that the costs are predictable and the service is ready on time. We study your company’s vision and mission carefully, in order to communicate it in the best way. How will your company keep up with the change?


How the strategy is created:

  • Start

    Vision, Mission, Purpose.

  • Goals

    Challenges, Resources, Tools. Target groups.

  • Development

    Possibilities and choice of development areas.

  • Strategy

    Presentation of strategy.

  • Implementation

    Strategy implementation.


This is how we communicate sustainability

  • Clarify the vision, mission and purpose of your company.
  • Compare them with the Agenda 2030 goals.
  • Analyse industry specific challenges and competition.
  • Find out how your company stands out.
  • Convey, as a result, two main messages.

Services for Management Teams

We offer your top management assistance on building or renewing the communication department. We create organization and resourcing charts as well as budgets if needed.

Good leadership is sustainable!

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