Content production

We tell distinctive stories. Also yours.


Let professionals produce contents for company publications. We offer versatile content production for print publications, online and social media on topics of interest. We design and implement marketing campaigns.

Content production

Content production

Writing blogs, articles, news and career stories with journalistic grip. We offer photographing, graphic design, illustrations and infographics . Our texts are professional, clear and appeal to the audience. We do biographies, interviews and social media strategies.



We write brand stories based on your vision and create marketing campaigns accordingly. We plan content and channel strategies based on target audiences and customer profiles. We create marketing concepts and advertisement manuscripts.



We produce your entire customer or member magazine. Or we take the responsibility of producing a specific content area. We create concepts, edit and do layouts. We help to meet the customer online and manage website projects.

In Contents

With quality content production we bring to light values, purpose and vision of your company. Responsibility can for example entail:

  • Societal responsibility and environmental actions
  • Proper employment arrangements and human rights
  • Transparent management and corruption prevention
  • Advanced technology and circular economy
  • Good leadership and open governance

We offer

This is what Rodinia does:

Web content

  • blogs
  • career stories
  • news
  • press releases
  • reports
  • reviews
  • copywriting


  • production
  • edit
  • layout
  • articles
  • proofreading
  • copywriting


  • photos
  • videos
  • graphic design
  • infographic
  • illustration

Social media

  • strategies
  • set up
  • administration
  • updates
  • campaigns

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