sustainability BUSINESS communications

For renewal, growth and market positioning

Sustainability Increases Competiveness

Managing corporate responsibility operations and communicating about your sustainability work creates added value, enhances brand image, and allows organizations to incorporate new, sustainable, and circular business models in their business strategy. Effective communication plans keeps the customers happy while attracting skillful professionals and investors.


Business Support

Project management, market insights, brand development and educational material for sustainable business development.

Sustainability Services

Industry sustainability audits, sustainability programs and reporting for sustainable growth.

Communication Planning

Effective communications strategies for circular business projects and content production on sustainability.

A Strategic Partner for Sustainable Businesses

Inspiring and engaging sustainability communication, based on facts and transparency – that’s our know-how. We help businesses in discover their ESG impact and align them with the UN SDG’s.


Adopting circular economy models helps combat climate change and biodiversity loss.


Ensuring human rights within the whole value chain and increasing personnel satisfaction creates trust.


Competitive businesses that are transparent, follow due diligence and code of conduct reassures the stakeholders.

Why Rodinia?

An Award-winning Agency and a forerunner in sustainability communications

Market Insights

Companies will renew themselves and refine their competitive advantage.

Strategic Growth

We integrate sustainability into the business strategy in order to maintain their positioning.


We use international standards, regulation and industry mapping to help customers manage risks.


We build roadmaps and sustainability management processes for companies to address stakeholders’ expectations. 


Our in-house exclusive templates simplifies our partners both internal and external communication.

Free Guides

Download a free guide on how to communicate about circular economy projects and sustainability.


We have served companies in wide variety of industries, for example construction, food distribution, maritime, recycling, retail, textile, manufacturing, heavy industry and many others. Our sustainability report won the SME category in 2021. Read more.

Our Experience

Finland’s first fully specialized communications agency.

years of successful operation and market development
in-house service concepts for sustainable business development
major projects completed in varied industries
happy customers educated with our sustainable training materials