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Eco Expo Asia 2019: Exporting Finnish Cleantech

New business concept needed in the emerging markets.

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Since its inception in 2016, the Eco Expo Asia International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection – held annually in Hong Kong – has become a global hub for the cleantech professionals in Asia. Companies and governmental agencies huddle to present their latest concepts/technologies that promise to reduce waste and ensure sustainable use of resources. 

The purpose of Eco Expo Asia 

Facing unprecedented environmental degradation, Asian countries are investing heavily in cleantech to combat what has already become a public health hazard. According to the Climate & Clean Air Coalition, for example, ”92% of Asia and the Pacific’s population – about 4 billion people – are exposed to levels of air pollution that pose a significant risk to their health”. Air pollution not only threatens public health, but also impacts agricultural crop yields negatively, leading to an overall detrimental effect on economic growth.

The Eco Expo Asia is an excellent platform for cleantech companies to exhibit their latest products that solve real problems, without undermining the environment. At the event, companies, investors and industry insiders will convene over a 4-day period to share insights and best practices vis-à-vis environmental protection. 

The Eco Expo Asia is an excellent platform for cleantech companies to exhibit their latest products that solve real problems.

An opportunity for Finnish Cleantech 

Finland aims to become a global leader in energy efficiency, clean industrial processes and bioenergy.  The Eco Expo Asia 2019 presents an excellent opportunity for Finnish cleantech & technology companies to showcase their innovative inventions to eager Asian customers. As it happens, Finland is home to the 2nd biggest share of renewable energy of total energy consumption in EU. Enjoying such a respectful reputation in the world, Finland – and by extension Finnish companies – can benefit from having a presence at the event.  

This year’s event will start on the 30th of October and conclude on the 2nd of November. Rodinia representatives will be attending the fair as ambassadors of Finnish brands. Because global demand for cleantech products and Finnish technology in particular will only increase, it is imperative that Finnish companies are well represented at Eco Expo 2019 for Asian markets. 

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