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Impact Portrait – A new way of communicating change

Impact Portrait

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It is with great excitement that we announce the official release of Rodinia’s Impact Portrait! A brand-new service concept, the Impact Portrait heralds a new era of honest and transparent impact communications in Finland.

One of the chief difficulties in sustainability communications is to convey a clear message that engages the audience. Given the short attention span afflicting the average viewer, a company’s sustainability efforts therefore must be presented in a visually evocative and captivating style.

What is the Impact Portrait?

The Impact Portrait is an illustration highlighting a company’s positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy.

Using creative visuals, the Impact Portrait converts raw data into more interesting and comprehensible snippets– while eschewing fluff, clichés, and jargon that is common in communications and marketing.

What make our new concept unique are its many applications. Impact Portrait can be used as a supplement to sustainability reports – offering a synopsis of impact created. Alternatively, for firms that lack the resources and time to publish the report, the Impact Portrait can be used in its stead.

In addition, it can be employed in marketing campaigns to create a unique brand image that confers competitive advantage to the company.

Converts raw data into more interesting and comprehensible snippets

Rodinia’s Impact Portrait

Since its inception, Rodinia has been the forerunner in sustainability communications in Finland.

As Finland’s very first specialized communications agency focusing on sustainable business growth and circular economy, Rodinia has taken a leadership role in transforming the communications and marketing industry by creating shared values and shape public expectations.

Through its many client projects, Rodinia has effected real change by planting the seeds of sustainable thinking in senior management. Our Impact has been real and tangible.

Among other things, Rodinia helped its clients

  • sell sustainable products;
  • launch an educational campaign about circular economy;
  • reduce carbon footprint;
  • increase sales of ecological products;
  • reach consumers

What is your impact?

We are now ready to offer this novel concept to all interested parties. With our talented illustrators, we present you the opportunity to create a visual impact story that is future-proof.

We can help you crystallize your sustainability narrative in an engaging way that shows commitment to your stakeholders and customers.

Take a stance and show that you too care. Let us create your company’s Impact Portrait!

Read more about it here. Or contact us directly to start creating yours.

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