Make Your Social Impact Visual

Impact Portrait is a new visual way to explain your company’s sustainable business actions and engage your audience. It is your sustainable public persona. We create a grand narrative that crystallizes an impactful message and deliver it in a marketable format.

Communicating Impact

What is your impact? How do you communicate about it to your clients? Why should the customer care about your business? Forget boring reports, spreadsheets and graphs. Let us help you find the essence and create an Impact Portrait!

Why impact portrait?

  • Increasingly, ethical considerations are dictating consumer behavior; customers care about how their purchasing decisions impact society, the environment, and the world.
  • Investors and business partners ask questions relating to business sustainability.
  • Sharing your company’s impact provides another incentive for the discerning customer to buy your product/service instead of a competitor’s.

How we make your data interesting?

  • Lets make real data more interesting and fun!
  • Using creative visuals, the Impact Portrait will not only highlight your company’s impact achievements, but also elevates your company as a changemaker for public good. Show that you care!
  • With a conceptualized process we have planned three different approaches to creating your Impact Portrait.
  • Get in touch and ask for more! Read also our blog on why we think this is great.

Our Clients

We help our clients communicate about their positive social impact and achieve sustainable growth.

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